Sequoia wireless applications extend the reach of your campus operations by eliminating the need to run power and data cables for point-of-sale and card reader terminals at remote locations, rely on printed lists or take chances with on-line or manually processed transactions. Integrated with your campus card system and/or your credit card processor, Sequoia's wireless applications facilitate real-time transaction processing from almost any location. This allows great freedom for onsite sales and validation without having to drag a full size register or hassle with error prone manual processes.


  • Process transactions virtually anywhere
  • Multiple Payment methods including stored value, debit, and cash equivalency
  • Online and off-line functionality
  • PCI compliant
  • Secure and encrypted transactions


  • Athletic and special event access
  • Remote sales
  • Campus card deposits
  • Attendance tracking
  • Concessions
  • Yearbook distribution


iValidate™ is ideal for remote locations with low to medium volume where you want to accept payments or validate the status of a card holder.

Some of the uses include sidewalk sales, yearbook distribution, and tracking attendance for an event.

Wireless Validation

Wireless Validation is great for remote locations where speed is a necessity. Use Validation to quickly process transactions when high throughput is required.

This product is used for athletic events, bus tracking, line busting or when the situation needs highly durable hardware.

Mobile Register

Mobile Register is useful when you need a full feature register in the palm of your hand.

It allows you to track, consolidate and report on products and sales using the same back office client if you are using other components of the QuadPoint System.


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