QuadPoint Register from Sequoia Retail Systems is a highly scalable multi-platform point of sale solution built from the ground up specifically for the campus marketplace. Fully customizable touchscreen menus and industry leading credit card compliance lets you think more about running your business and less about managing your point of sale system. From quick service to fine dining and concessions to convenience stores QuadPoint has a solution that enables you to quickly and accurately capture the sale. Power your campus retail and dining operations with Sequoia QuadPoint to enhance speed of service and customer satisfaction.


  • Flexible hardware platforms for campus wide retail and food service operations
  • Fully customizable button sizes, fonts, colors, labels, images and positions
  • Open check & fine dining support including table maps
  • Automatic tender mode for high throughput locations
  • Cross platform support for scanners, scales, coin dispensers and transaction terminals
  • Advanced order routing using kitchen display monitors and receipt printers
  • Customized menu items with modifiers, combos, event based pricing and scheduling
  • Concessions module with paperless item and cashier reconciliation
  • Multiple payment options including campus debit, board plans and credit cards
  • Support for point to point credit card encryption reduces customer PCI-DSS scope

Full-Size Register

The full-size register with 15" touchscreen and dual cash drawer support provides the ultimate solution for high volume locations where speed of service is critical.

Robust hardware and easy customization makes the full-size register a great choice for quick service food, restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, campus bars and convenience stores.

Mid-Size Register

The mid-size register with 10.4" touchscreen and 13" cash drawer provides all the features of the full-size register in a smaller more portable footprint.

Integrated peripherals and a small footprint makes the mid-size register a great choice for concessions, campus card offices, food carts, dining halls, and small retail locations.


The Tablet register combines the power of the QuadPoint Register and Kiosk with the versatility of an award winning tablet.

Capture sales on the go with its Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity or lock the table into the retail base for a fully featured POS. Redefine point of sale on your campus with the Sequoia Quadpoint Tablet.


The compact register with 7" screen and optional cash drawer and printer offers significant space saving benefits with retaining the speed and flexibility of a traditional large register terminal.

The ultra-small footprint and durable build quality make the compact register a great choice from retail to food service and concessions to convenience stores.


  The mobile register allows you to capture and report on sales where wires are not an option. It allows you to track and consolidate sales in non-traditional POS locations.

Real time wireless and cellular connectivity makes the mobile register a great choice for off campus events, sidewalk sales, in-seat concessions, and campus group special events.

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