Course Materials

Textbook Partner

Textbook Partner is the leading textbook management tool for college stores to acquire and sell textbooks. This comprehensive system ensures higher margins for campus store textbook departments. As an independent textbook tool, Textbook Partner leverages online marketplaces, alternate book sources, and wholesale partners to reduce inventory costs and increase retail potential with no long term partnership commitments. Provide students the best value for their used books with multi - guide buying.

ACQUIRE course materials using multi-guide buying and cascade ordering to acquire more used books through direct-to-vendor ftp, Easylink, and Pubnet ordering

PROVIDE value with comparison shopping tools, online & mobile textbook sales and rentals, and in-store rentals

SAVE time by allowing Textbook Partner to automatically update your store’s website

INTEGRATE popular industry partners like Verba, Rafter, RedShelf, VitalSource, Ingram, and BookVolume with direct connections to Sequoia software


Electronic Shelf Labels

Sequoia’s electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and companion software allow real-time dynamic pricing and item details throughout your store. This means that a price change implemented on your store server will immediately appear on the shelf and be applied at the register. Shelf tags no longer have to be printed and item labels are no longer needed.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Digital Books
Sequoia partners with RedShelf and Vitalsource to provide solutions for your students’ digital content needs. Simply choose your preferred eBook vendor partner to offer eBook options in store and online.

Sequoia’s rental solution helps you to maximize revenue by providing a fully integrated in-store rental module, as well as supporting integration with third-party rental partners. The module presents all purchase and rental options, store managed or partner backed, via a single ISBN scan.