Website Management

Establish an e-Commerce Presence

Sequoia's ePOS hosted software solution allows campus stores to design and maintain their own online storefront. Our software not only helps reinforce your store brand through a professional website, but also enables a complete on-line shopping experience via our PCI certified payment processor. Likewise, an optimized mobile website expands your e-commerce presence to any smart phone or tablet.

Hosted System

The ePOS system is a turnkey solution that provides a fully functional e-commerce website with no unanticipated expenses. As a hosted solution, Sequoia provides Internet access, webpage presentation, server and database maintenance, software upgrades, and optimized performance via a single service contract. This comprehensive approach ensures maximum performance with predictable budgeting.

Professional Website

Sequoia’s designers assist the creation of a website that merges seamlessly with your overall campus site or provides a standalone campus store presence. You are not limited to one look and feel as provided by your service provider. You maintain your store brand and unique web personality while enhancing the ability to sell any product or service.

Content Management

The ePOS administrator allows you to manage website presentation of general merchandise, course materials, rentals, and registration forms all through an easy-to-use desktop interface. Via seamless integration with Sequoia’s SCS Server Suite, items, course lists, and course materials can automatically populate your website. The ePOS administrator allows you to modify or enhance web descriptions and build informational web pages. In addition, customer profiles, order histories, and e-commerce reports are all accessible via the desktop administrator. The ability to manage your site expedites website updates and minimizes costs.

Mobile Accessibility

Sequoia websites are optimized for mobile access. This optimization ensures that web-enabled mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones, can access your complete store website. Mobile devices can be used to browse products, fill shopping carts, and complete purchases. Shopping at your store is available anytime, anywhere to customers with mobile access.