Extend Your Office Hours with Online Payments

Sequoia's centrally hosted, PCI compliant eCommerce solutions allow you to accept payments for your goods and services anytime, anywhere even when you are not open. With online payments, students can use their desktops or mobile devices to make payments with a campus account or a credit card without visiting your office.

Simply add your items for concerts, picnics, lectures or workshops to your online store front and let the Internet do the work for you.

Do your events have limited space or quantities? Use our Item Limits feature to keep you from overselling. When you sell items through your online store, you can place limits on the number of items available. You can also use Item Scheduling to promote your event without making the item available for purchase. When the time comes for students to purchase the item, the system will automatically make it available for purchase and will also turn off sales at a deadline. No need for you to work at midnight to stop sales.

Go Mobile to Track Attendance and Accept Payments

Do you know who is coming to your events? Are they eligible? Are your marketing efforts effective? When integrated with your campus card system, Sequoia's mobile solutions provide you tools to track attendance and verify status. Get the data you need to make sure you are on target with your marketing strategies. Our mobile devices capture an identifier which can be used with your campus demographic information to provide you valuable data about who is attending your events.

You can also use these mobile devices to redeem e-Tickets for purchases made from your online store. With the ability to use WiFi or cellular connections you can verify e-Tickets virtually anywhere. Run a report on the detailed customer information for your general admission tickets sold online. Upload that information to your campus card system with the appropriate account settings. When the customer comes to the event, just swipe or tap the campus credential on the mobile device to verify their e-Ticket.